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From the album Flung Like a Horse (2018)

Ask Your Dealer

Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand

Ask your dealer, for flat

Does this need a deeper blue?

I'm trying to get in the space, your head's at

Step back, take a breath

Let it all come into focus for you

Put the light, right over there

I don't want, any glare

Any last comments?

It's the time, after that

Please . . . stay away, I'll finish as soon as I can


In a couple of days

In a couple of days

In a couple of days


Ask your dealer, for flat

Try more large canvases, too

Try to find where your head's at

Take a deep breath

See what focusing on the bigger picture will do

And put the light, right over there

Exquisite Naked Corpse

Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand

What do you say to a naked lady
That hasn't been said before?
What do you say to a naked lady
To keep her from walkin' out the door?

Perhaps might I get you something to drink?
Or a game of ping pong, what do you think?
Have a seat, please, stay for a spell
What the hey, what the hell

What do you say to a naked lady
To keep her coming back for more?
What do you say to a naked lady?
It's just everything about you I adore
It seems like I might be in the pink
Here let me top off your drink
Oh, you spilled it!  It's probably just as well
What the hey, what the hell

What do you say to a naked lady
Who isn't falling down the stairs?

What do you say to a naked lady
That wouldn't seem as if you were putting on airs . . . ?

Drink Some of This

Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand

I saw the light, and the smoke, coming from the woods
And the sounds, something like screams
Suppose, they'z up ta no good
So's if you've got a weak stomach
Go back? . . . You probably should

Sounds to be trouble a'brewin
It's on the wind
Smells like it's coming soon
And you saw the light . . . and the smoke . . . coming
From my hand
And the screams, they were only in our minds

Wake up!
Drink some of this, you'll be fine
Do you feel like you could walk?
Lay down right here, let's talk
Just try to tell me
When it hurts? . . . it hurts?
I saw the light . . .

Cabbage Abstinence

Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand

And they call me "depravity"
Could mean aggravation
Before a deep cavity
And right before, you fall in
I'm still hopeful . . . That you still might

Give in

But as you disappear from sight
I had the feeling that you might
Out of cabbage abstinence
And becalming depravity
Plus on the outside chance
That I might, once again
Fall into a cavity

Don't do it again
That's not how it has to be
Cabbage abstinence
Or become depravity
In this world of cabbages and kings
Kumquats and queens
Pineapples and princesses
Is this actual depravity
Or not how you think it should be
Cabbage abstinence
Might be the cure
For what's sick in me

Cabbage astonishment
As levity floated off
Being so much lighter
Than gravity

Monkey in a Spacesuit

Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand

Monkey in a spacesuit
Having tea with the Queen
Oh, how I would have loved to have been there
All you must have seen

The monkey in a spacesuit
Said 'cept, it gets a little stale
And I always had that . . .
What to do with my tail
The monkey in a spacesuit
Handed tea to the Queen
She repeated how she'd loved to have been there
All you must have seen
The monkey in a spacesuit
Knelt down on the floor
Picked up the crumbs and ate 'em
And then he asked for more

The monkey in a spacesuit
Bit the hand of the Queen
She gave him a wink
Wrapped her finger around his tail
Gave him a pulled and said,
"Enos, don't you be so mean!"
Monkey in a spacesuit

Memphis, Home of Elvis

Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand

Long distance information
Get me Memphis, home of E
Try'n ta get in touch with Elvis
Heard he's a try'n ta get in touch with me

He did not leave his number
But I know E placed the call
My uncle Hand took the message
And he wrote it on the wall

Help me information
Get in touch with my friend E
He's the only one who'd call me here
From Memphis, Tennessee

He was calling from the Southside
High, up on a fridge
Float'n 'bout a half a mile
From the Mississippi bridge

Help me information
More than that I cannot add
'Cept how much I miss him
And all the fun we had

We wuz tore apart
Why, beats me
Tore apart our rockin' band
In Memphis, Tennessee

Last time that I saw the King
He was a wavin' me g'bye
The hurry back drops on his cheeks
A tricklin' from his eyes

Elvis, he is so alone
Information, please
Try to put me through to him
In Memphis, home of E

Icy Waters

Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand

Floating in your lifeboat
Way out at sea
The faint light from the lighthouse
And stars are blanketing me
The icy waters
Are starting to seep in
Hypothermia, soon to begin
I'm thinking seriously . . .
I'm thinking seriously about confessing some sins
Right at that moment
A lightning strike does me in
It's as if the god of thunder, for me,
Had it in
The god of thunder, did me in
He sunk your lifeboat
It's deep in the sea
But I've still got the stars and the light from
The lighthouse, and icy waters
Blanketing me

Killer Tsunami Wave

Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand, Thomas Yearsley

Attention bathers!
Attention surfers!
Killer tsunami wave!

Clear the beach bathers and surfers
Warning!  This is an emergency
I'm serious
It's coming, it's growing fast
It's a killer tsunami wave
Killer tsunami wave!

The tide is going out
Way out
That's a sign that the killer tsunami wave is coming
Killer tsunami wave!

No surfing
You're not listening to my warning
Of the killer tsunami wave
I'm giving you one more warning
Killer tsunami wave!

Follow the designated path
From the beach
Up to Newport Avenue
Over to Long Branch
Up to Narragansett
There'll be a safety meeting at Cabrillo Monument
Killer tsunami wave!

It's really . . . look out for the bikini whale, Fred!
You . . . you've just got hit by the killer tsunami wave
Killer tsunami wave!

Heavy off-shore flow
Might be getting more
It's washing away buildings and sinking ships
If you can fly, I suggest you go now
Killer tsunami wave!

And to all those of El Cajon
Please stay there where you are safe
If you live in the Valley
This is a good time to enjoy your backyard swimming pool
Killer tsunami wave!

You can hear the sirens
That means it's an emergency
I am your lifeguard
Your San Diego County lifeguard
Killer tsunami wave!

No, this is not a big swell
This is a killer tsunami wave
Killer tsunami wave!

We have a lost child
We found with a . . . Tower #2
Killer tsunami wave!

He's wearing a blue bathing suit
And he's got a triangle of zinc oxide on his nose
Killer tsunami wave!

Killer Tsunami Wave (Alternative Lyrics)

Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand

Clear the beach
Here it comes, it's growing by the second
Killer tsunami wave!

Tide's going out
Way out
Quarter mile out
Those surfers got sucked away
Killer tsunami wave!

Head for the hills
Or climb up a tree
It's heading this way
Look out for the bikini whale, Fred!
Killer tsunami wave!

Heavy off-shore flow
Might be getting more
Washing away buildings and sinking ships
If you can fly, I suggest you go now
Killer tsunami wave!

Sirens sound, all over the island
Climb up the volcano, but don't fall in
Take a deep breath 'cause here it comes
Killer tsunami wave!

Get on inland, 'cause here it comes again
Load up the bus
Evacuation windows closing
Flooding the lowlands
Killer tsunami wave!


Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand

The Tikis woke up, on the beach
Right at the break of day
The cranky witch-doctor
And even the shrunken heads
They all called to the day

Hey, look at this, they must have run into the jungle
So we went in . . .
To see what was to see

What the Tikis saw, would have dropped your jaw
A green pawed monkey
With glowing eyes
We wished we could levitate

Then, to their surprise
Right before all those Tiki eyes
The monkey was gone
And the next day the Tikis woke up on the beach

Play With Me

Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand

I must have turned on the time machine
When I fell in
So I am not really sure, where or when
But we've ended up here, so let's begin

We'll throw some notes up in the air
Then we'll throw a few more--we have to spare
We'll hear where they land, and then we'll know
How this song should go

Welcome back
Nice to see you again
Like a musical postcard
From a long lost friend

I hope this finds you consensual and free
Because I want you to play with me
Play with me again

Welcome back
It's been a year or two
Hope old man time's been nice to you
Hope you're ready to bash out a tune
At Thunderbird on the light side of the moon
We'll take my spaceship
We're penciled in for June

Viking Geoff

Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand

Viking Geoff, is just off-shore
He's shouting at us, through a bull-horn
But he's shouting, in another language
So what he's upset about, who knows?
His crew is wielding, what looks like axes
Over their heads
And by the looks on their faces
They want us . . . dead

There are Vikings
Yes, Vikings, just off the shore

They're hidden by the fog
In their wooden boats
Like a movie I was watching, just the other night
In which the Vikings won, if I'm remembering right
But, we're ready
Ready, to put up a fight

Out On The Ledge

Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand

He slipped, right off the ledge
It seemed like a cartoon
Give me your hand
I don't like seeing you
Out on the ledge

Don't let go

Out on a limb
Just on a whim
Just like there you
Hung like a clock
We were sure, we'd never, never give up
So when you floated away . . . Hey, hey

He slipped, right off the ledge
Still seems like a cartoon . . .

This World

Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand

That's not nearly as crazy
As what happened to me
I was lost in the woods
Got some directions from a tree, it said


The wind doesn't care
If you blow back or not
The sky's amused by your thunder
Is that all you've got?


The ocean seems indifferent
That you're also blue
The dirt beneath your feet
Could bury you
If you stop to think about it
This world
Doesn't much care for you

But that's not nearly as angry
As this world can be
Turn your back
And you'll see



Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand


She said she was stuck


I was dumbstruck

Then I said, what the heck

Get those lips off my neck


She said . . . No

I'm trying to drive, I pleaded

Then I literally yelled

Get your lips off of my toe

But she was stuck


She was stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck

I was staring at an oncoming truck

I said . . .

Put your lips back on my neck

But she was stuck

The Fog

Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand

It's been rollin' in for hours

It's thick as it's ever been

We'll be careening off the cliff in about a mile or so

It's so thick, even in here

That when I turn to look at you, you're not there

The fog, it gets in my head

And it plays in the spaces

It's been rollin' in for hours

Thicker than it's ever been

We'll be careenin' off 

The cliff in a second or so 

Like pea soup, but in the air 

I turn to you

You're still not there

I can't see my hand

In front of my face

Like a Watch

Lyrics by: Greg Hildebrand

Like a watch, we found in a drawer

Just in time, that's for sure

Or at the very least, the time was right

And just as everything was starting to click

Out of bureau, a big stick

It just started to pound

The louder it got, the more the floor shook

It was about that time

All the furniture began to dance

Slowly at first, as if in a trance

Toaster was dancing, right there on the sink

When disposal belched and told me I was

Starting to stink

The clock jumped down off the wall

Dancing past the juicer, making for the hall

I put the watch back in the drawer

And it all stopped.

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