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Greg Hildebrand

Chimpos leader, vocals, guitar, bass, percussion, co-producer

It was the best of Chimpo times. Greg had the worst memory recall. Greg said to Darin, "Hey, remember when we ditched school and it was close to Christmastime and Darin and Matt were rough-housing in Greg's house and you and Matt knocked over the Christmas tree and just then my dad showed up?"


"No, yeah, I don't remember that," Darin replied.


To which Greg replied, "What? I remember it vividly and I'm the one with the bad memory and the over-active imagination."  


So, Greg pondered a patch, then said, "I'll have to call Matt." And sure enough, Matt didn't remember that at all.  


In conclusion, Greg came to the opinion that neither Matt nor Darin's memories seemed to be working correctly, or maybe his memory was out of order.


P.S. Any memories that Darin or Matt have about Greg, especially ones that paint Greg in a bad light, are highly suspect.


P.S.P.S. Greg has started writing the Chimpos story as he remembers it.  He's got more than 100 hand-written pages so far.

Thomas Yearsley

Recording engineer, vocals, bass, percussion, co-producer

Thomas is an American bass player and recording engineer. He was a founder of the blues & rockabilly group The Paladins in 1980. The Paladins are still going strong, releasing albums and touring to this day. Thomas also founded Lux Records and runs Thunderbird Analog Recording Studio, where the Chimpos record.

David Friendly

Drums, 808/909 Roland drum machines, cowbell, tambourine, background vocals, co-producer

David is an American drummer.

When he was in 4th grade, he started playing in rock bands with older musicians, junior high and high schoolers. A friend told him about a legendary older 7th grade guitar player who played a Gibson Destroyer through a Marshall amp. The word on the street was he rocked. His name was Greg Hildebrand. David thought he would never be able to rise to Greg’s level of rock and roll greatness.


Cut to five years later, Greg and David are in the same band, along with Matt Clowminzer on guitar, Brian Glenn on Bass, and Greg’s little brother Stephen on lead vocals. The band is Zipguns. The group have been friends ever since.


One day in high school, the lead singer of Zipguns, Stephen Hildebrand, became a little big-headed and mouthy. So, Matt, David, and Brian fired him and his brother Greg—they stuck it to the man. They started their own band called The Dawts. It was going to be called The Dots, as in paper "dots" of LSD, but that was a little too direct and obvious. The Dawts were popular at high school dances and parties in San Diego, while Stephen and Greg looked on from the cheap seats in the bleachers (that’ll teach ‘em).


Around the same time, when David was in 9th grade, Matt Clowminzer introduced him to a much older and wiser musician with long hippy hair, a senior in high school by the name of Thomas Yearsley. The trio liked to attempt to play Jeff Beck’s “Wired” album in Thomas’ mother's garage. Matt and Thomas switched between lead guitar and bass. Both were pretty good at playing the drums on "Blue Wind" in order to teach David how to play it right. 

David convinced his concerned father that everything was cool hanging out with these much older musicians—that there wasn’t any mischief going on, even though David was coming home after midnight, and there was indeed mischief going on. Good times. David, Matt, and Thomas developed a strong musical friendship back then which lives to this day.


Glen Fisher was invited to be a Chimpo by drummer David. Why? The Chimpos needed a bass player for a few songs, and Glen is one of the best around. No brainer. When they were kids, Glen and David were musical leaders in the Point Loma High School jazz band. They have been friends and playing music together for more than 50 years in various bands and projects. To this day, each love to beat each other at golf.


Historically, David has been cursed by being in bands with horrible lead singers (David prefers instrumentals, like jazz). One day on the golf course, David asked Glen if he knew of any great lead singers for some Chimpos songs. Glen suggested Estelle Allen. David called Estelle. David couldn’t be happier with the recommendation to bring Estelle on board.


Steven Sundell and David were on the same soccer team in grade school, and have been good friends ever since.


Michael McClure, the web developer, is a badass guitar player and computer expert. David asked head Chimpo Greg if Michael could make the web site. Greg said yes. Done.



  • Stevie Salas Color Code:  Band member, percussion, demos, live shows.

  • Stevie Salas Instructional Guitar Video:  Drums, with T.M. Stevens on bass.

  • Hardware:  Songwriter on “Shake It” with Bootsy Collins and Buddy Miles (former drummer with Jimi Hendrix).

  • Nicklebag: Percussion, featuring vocalist Bernard Fowler from the Rolling Stones.

  • The Pandoras: Drum programming, drum sounds, keyboard samples, percussion.

  • Action Jackson soundtrack: Drums, percussion, keyboard samples.

  • Fabulon: Drums, album and live shows.

  • Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E: Drummer for pre-tour rehearsals, on salary from Island Records. David's nickname in the band is "Casper," as in Casper the Friendly Ghost, as in this guy is already dead. Get it?

  • The Tubes: Demos, samples, percussion.

  • Tracy Chapman: Drums and arrangements on demos.

  • Was Not Was: Percussion, keyboard samples; album “What Up, Dog?”

  • Ivan Neville: Percussion on demos produced by Stevie Salas.

  • Some Philharmonic: Drums, album and live shows.

  • Mark Fisher / Fish and the Seaweeds: Drums, live shows, and demos featuring Eddie Hook (RIP).

  • Glen Fisher Con Alma: CD design, web development.

  • Associate Artist Manager, New York City: Support for Pyramid Records with artists Joe Walsh, The Band, Asia, and The Stray Cats.

  • Northern Arizona University (NAU) Big Band Jazz: First Chair drums.

  • Orange Coast College (OCC) jazz band: Second chair drums and congas.

  • Point Loma High School jazz band: First chair drums.

DJ Swamp


DJ Swamp is an American hip hop DJ, turntablist, producer and vocalist. Born in Cleveland, he currently resides in Los Angeles. 

After winning the US DMC Championship, Swamp toured with Beck for four years.

As a solo artist DJ Swamp has opened for such artists as Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Bassnectar, Nero, The Crystal Method, Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, Mix Master Mike, Datsik, Diesel Boy, Outkast, Fuel, Method Man and Redman. 


DJ Swamp is the go-to man for studio scratching in Los Angeles and has appeared on songs by Beck, The Crystal Method, Vanilla Ice, Katy Perry, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Ben Folds, Belinda, Oblivion Dust, Kid Rock, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Hanson, The Bloodhound Gang, Morcheeba, The Dandy Warhols, R. L. Burnside, Faithless, OPM, Devo, Save Ferris, Say Anything, Dust Brothers, Kool Keith, Sticky Fingaz, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Death Grips and Better Than Ezra.

Matt Clowminzer


Matt plays guitar. He wears a hat. He is Matt. Matt wears a hat. Yeah yeah.

Stevie Salas

Special Spiritual and Business Advisor

Stevie Salas is a Chimpo whether he knows it or not, and whether he likes it or not. David the drummer drafted him. Stevie sings vocal shouts on "Apache Surf." Coincidentally, Stevie is Apache and he surfs.

Watch Stevie's amazing movie on the history of Rock and Roll, Rumble: Indians Who Rocked The World.

Robbie Myers

Surf Guitar

Around 2005, Robbie tried to cut drummer David off while surfing The Boil, one of their favorite spots on Sunset Cliffs in San Diego.

As punishment, David made him a guitar player in the Chimpos. Robbie plays on "Apache Surf" and "El Treato."

Pablo Cantua

Baja Guitar

Pablo is a super talented and popular Baja-style guitar player in San Diego. Drummer David brought him into the group. The Chimpos feel grateful and blessed that he's one of us now.

The Blonde Brothers

The Real Chimpos?

The Chimpos don't play live. But, if they do it is probably the Blonde Brothers hired by the Chimpos to perform as the Chimpos. They also do interviews and autograph signings as the Chimpos.

The Blonde Brothers are many good musicians from San Diego. Mostly, Chris DeVito (guitar, vocals), Hunter Bragg (drums), Gregg LaRocco (drums), Jake Nuffer (guitar), and Josh LikesTacos (bass, vocals, and gnarly other secret stuff).

Steven Sundell

Vocals, guitar, co-producer

Steven was one of the first to be invited by Greg Hildebrand to be included in Greg's latest music recording project. Steven had recorded with Greg on several other sessions, most of which were recorded at Randy Fuele's Hit Single Recording Studios with several very talented musicians like Chris Davies, Tim Rutherford and many others. So, it was no surprise that Steven gave it little thought before telling Greg "Count me in!" Little did he know how different this particular session would ultimately turn out to be. Nor did Steven realize that by "signing on" he would turn into a Chimpo, Greg's name of the band. And what a band Greg's project would ultimately turn out to be. He had not only written the entire song list, but done so in an open mode or forum, so as to cleverly give space to all future Chimpos whom he had hand picked to be able to add, create and enable to build upon the basic song list structure, thus creating an opportunity to have a personalized end-product of music. Steven loved this. Still, the most appealing part was the overall poetic idea of Greg using only musicians whom they both had known, befriended, and played in bands with since their youth from the overwhelmingly talented, yet relatively small community of Pont Loma musicians, some who have done quite well for themselves in the world of music. But to Steven, having all of them back together, excited to create this album, was to him like a kick ass Rock & Roll reunion.


  • Hubcaps:  Robby Vaughn (lead vocals and guitar), Chris Goularte (guitar), Ray Tejades (drums), Steven Sundell (bass, vocals).

  • Playmates:  Steven Sundell (lead vocals, guitar), Jim Iacabucci (lead guitar, background vocals, Jamie Lau (bass, vocals), Manny Bautista (drums). Much love to the mom of the Playmates for not only the use/abuse of her garage, and also for being our #1 hippest fan!

  • Winkies:  Greg Hildebrand (lead guitar), Stephen Hildebrand (lead vocals), Jamie Lau (bass), Steven Sundell (guitar, vocals), John Glenn (drums).

  • Weener Pigs*:  Dr. Jim Jones (drums), Dr. Greg Jensen (guitar), Chris Harris (bass), Adam Harris (vocals, harmonica), Steven Sundell (lead guitar, vocals). *They were already named Weener Pigs when Steven joined.

  • Dingos:  Steven Sundell (lead guitar, vocals), Matt Clowminzer (lead vocals, guitar), Dave Goodwin (bass), Tim Rutherford (drums).

Glen Fisher


Glen Fisher has worked as a bassist, composer, arts education consultant, and musical director all over Europe, South-America, and USA. He has been tagged 'the poster child of versatility' by KSDS Jazz 88.3FM. He's a veteran band leader and musical director, and a virtuoso sideman as well. Fluent in four languages, he teaches and composes in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. Glen studied at the University of California at San Diego and the Vienna Academy of Music in Austria.



Bassist: Steve Gadd, Delfeayo Marsalis, Bill Watrous, Ron Eschete, Tom Scott, Brian Lynch, Graham Nash, Eartha Kitt, Nel Carter, Jay McShann, James Moody, Red Holloway, Charles McPherson, Bobby Shew, Jackie King, Jason Scheff, The Drifters, Mato Grosso, Hannibal Means, Yes Brasil, Steve Lacy, Sigi Finkel, Allegre Correia, Glen Fisher Trio, Con Alma, Gomango Invasion Orchestra, Arvella, Fish and the Seaweeds, Earl Thomas, Sergei Dreznin, Benjamin Schmidt, Jimmy Mulidore, and Rob Mullins Trio.


Artistic Consultant: San Diego City Schools, San Diego Youth and Community Services(SDYCS), Humphrey's, Urban League, Scripps Cancer Research, Imperial Beach Film Festival, Quail Botanical Gardens, ARTS (A Reason To Survive). Glen started a music programs for the SDYCS Storefront Shelter for Homeless Teens and PhotoCharity (501c3), and was the Performance Coordinator for Blues In The Schools (Blues Lovers United San Diego, (501c3) which is an affiliate of the National Blues Foundation. Glen brought KSDS 88.3 FM and the San Diego City Schools together to bring Wynton Marsalis' incredible new jazz curriculum called Lincoln Center's Jazz for Young People to San Diego's schools.


Composer: CBS Movie of the Week, KSDS 88.3 FM, City of San Diego, Radio 1310AM- B.C. Mexico, KUSI TV-San Diego, Arnold Schwarzenegger, KPBS, San Diego Youth and Community Services, Parallax Films, Goodnight Kiss Publishing, Scene Stealer Publishing


Awards: 1993 San Diego Music Award as Musical Director w/Earl Thomas, 1994 San Diego Music Award as Musical Director w/Josias dos Santos, 1994 & 1998 Jim Croce Award, 1995 &1997;Tijuana, Cultural Center Recognition in Music, 2002 Just Plain Folks finalist. Co-host of the KSDS 88.3 FM weekly show Touchin Bass, Frequent arts expert for the Reader and KUSI TV, elected to the Peninsula Community Planning Board, 2004 Founder of the FIRST FRIDAY MUSIC CLUB, INC. (501c3).

Estelle Allen

Vocals, guitar, keyboards, background vocals

Estelle is a Chimpo from Point Loma, California. She was called into the project by David, the drummer, because after hearing some of the demos David felt the project needed . . . let's see, how best to say this diplomatically . . . some decent vocals.

Basically, Estelle was kidnapped by older Chimpos who hired her to sing a few songs on the album. The older Chimpos turned her loose after a few weeks so she could get back to leading her "real" band(s).

See? Whether you're in for a few weeks or a few decades, it doesn't matter—once a Chimpo always a Chimpo.


  • Berklee College of Music

  • Leader and member of various popular bands, including Fashion Jackson (lead singer, guitar, keyboards, engineer, co-producer)

Miles Clowminzer


Miles is a crafty, young, and wise Chimpo. He is also Matt's son. Besides recording with the Chimpos, he is known for his solo music projects where he produces, plays, and records everything himself (drums, keys, guitar, bass, vocals, etc.). Whoa.

Laura Jane Willcock

Vocals, background vocals

Laura Jane left Traverse City, Michigan in 2001 and touched down in San Diego. She is a Pisces. Since 2002, she is well-known for being a fun and outrageous hostess for various Karaoke nights around San Diego. Some of her fans believe she sings Cher better than Cher, and Axl Rose better than Axl. She also leads and manages a seven-piece band, The Tighten Ups.


  • Tell Mama: Vocals

  • The Tighten Ups: Vocals

  • ThunderLux: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Vocals

Lauren Eve Scheff

Keyboards, background vocals

Lauren sings, plays keyboards, and does other musical stuff. Yep, she's Darin's daughter.

Stephen Hildebrand

Emotional support and spiritual guidance

Stephen hangs out, provides emotional support, and offers nuggets of wisdom about the music. He is Chimpo leader Greg's little brother.

Michael Schroeder

Executive Producer

Michael is reported to ask, "What's a Chimpo, and how much is it going to cost me?"

Michael McClure


Michael is ipigrafix, Chimpos website developer and crappy anigif animator (see below...). ipigrafix has been 'in business' since 1978. That's a long time now. Chimpo Dave pulled Michael into this project based on a very long musical relationship going back to the early '80s when the two played together in the San Diego-started funk-rock band, And And And. Roommates as well as bandmates, the two lived together in a tiny white-walled apartment in Universal City (gone now—it's a freeway onramp). David grew grass on the walls. Grass: the kind you mow. You'll have to ask Chimpo Dave about all that...

Michael also has a serendipitous connection to Chimpos. He and Thomas were both featured and quoted in the same Thomas K. Arnold penned LA Times article in 1981 about three up and coming music bands from San Diego at that time: The Paladins (Thomas's band), Some Ambulants (Michael's band), and Solid State. Small world, right?


See (and hear!) all his stuff at Michael's Bio Link.

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